Super Bowl 57 Betting Odds

The Super Bowl is the most bet-on championship event in the United States and the single biggest athletic contest for sports wagering worldwide. Super Bowl 57 is sure to be no exception. Oddsmakers have already updated their predictions to reflect the remaining field, and Super Bowl 57 betting odds are live at legal online sportsbooks.

Because no event is bigger than the Super Bowl when it comes to the sheer quantity of betting options available, it can be confusing and somewhat difficult to seek out and find ways to bet on the Super Bowl and the odds you want to wager on. That’s why you’ll find everything you need to know below, including current Super Bowl odds, bet types, and the best, most reliable sportsbooks to trust with your wagers.

Odds to Win Super Bowl 57
Top Super Bowl Sportsbooks

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Bovada SportsbookOne of the best sites to reference for betting odds on this year's Super Bowl can be found in Bovada's online sportsbook. This is one of the best sports betting sites period and shows it is dedicated to their players, as well as the integrity of sports gambling. Bovada gives new players a 50% match bonus good for up to $250 in freeplay, plus whatever Super Bowl promos running during the weeks leading up to the Big Game. Bovada's betting lines cover every major component of the Super Bowl, ranging from future bets to the bets taking place on the day of the game.

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Up To $1,000 On Every Deposit - Early Odds Available is another of the online sports betting sites that caters to sports fans who want to put money on the Super Bowl. Here, you will see futures, over/under, spread bets, straight bets, and everything in between. Their 25% deposit bonus is good for up to $1,000 on every deposit which is one of the best bonuses we have seen on the Internet. has grown quickly beyond many of the other online sportsbooks, and is a personal favorite of ours, not only for their rock-solid integrity, but also for their obvious dedication to the players.

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BetOnlineBetOnline is one of the top-ranked online sportsbooks in the world, and they have all the Super Bowl betting odds you could ever want. They give bettors a chance to enjoy some of the best Super Bowl lines and props offered anywhere on the web. Even better, BetOnline accepts US customers from all 50 states, so everyone can put money on the big game. New members who sign up to bet on the Super Bowl with BetOnline can receive several valuable perks, including a 50% Welcome Bonus (up to $2500), a 100% Bitcoin Bonus (up to $1000), and even a 25% Lifetime Bonus Guarantee for every new deposit.

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Best Super Bowl Sportsbooks
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* You will be able to find all of the latest sports betting odds at any of the online sportsbooks above. They are all very good and they all pay you your money very fast once you hit that big winner.


Common Betting Odds For The Super Bowl

Though there are many common Super Bowl bet types on most oddsmakers’ betting menus, there are really only two major forms of betting on the Super Bowl: futures odds and game lines. Futures odds are available for most of the year (changing as teams rise and fall during the regular season), while game lines usually won’t be posted until a week or two before the Super Bowl itself.

Super Bowl Futures

Super Bowl futures are the most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl. A big reason why these futures bets are so engaging is that odds for Super Bowl 57 have already been released! That said, future odds to win the Super Bowl are available all the way through the AFC and NFC Championship Games, by which time the field is down to just four remaining teams. Basically, a Super Bowl futures bet simply entails choosing the team you think is going to be the current year’s NFL champion. It’s really that simple.

Obviously, the odds will vary greatly depending on when you make your bet during the season, as the outlook for different teams constantly changes based on moves made via free agency or the draft. Further, injuries can impact a team’s Super Bowl futures odds, and teams that aren't very good aren't going to have the same odds as teams that tend to make the playoffs year after year. Of course, if you have a good feeling about a team with longshot odds, you will have a much more profitable payout should they actually win. For instance, a $100 bet on the Jaguars at the beginning of the season might pay out $5000 if they win the Super Bowl, whereas a $100 bet on the Chiefs to win would only pay out $700 or so.

You can check out the Super Bowl odds for all 32 teams by clicking on the team name on the left-hand side of this page, or you can go directly to Bovada (or another reputable sportsbook) and begin the process of making an actual wager. Be sure to check out our top 10 popular Super Bowl bets page to see even more options.

Super Bowl Game Lines

In addition to futures betting, those wanting to wager on the big game can take advantage of a slew of Super Bowl game lines. Game lines for the Super Bowl come in many different forms, but none are available until at least two weeks before the main event (after the conference champions have been determined). Super Bowl game lines include the point spread, the straight up moneyline bet, and over/under totals betting.

Spread - The most common type of Super Bowl line wager is the point spread. Betting on the spread involves wagering on a team to win by a particular margin, which is established by your sportsbook of choice. This handicapping method is used to get an equal amount of action on both sides of a given bet, where the favorite “gives up” points to the underdog. For example, if the Patriots are -7 favorites to win the Super Bowl, that means that – in order to win the bet – the Pats have to outscore their opponent by more than 7 points. The mainstream sports media often references the spread when talking about betting on the Super Bowl.

Moneyline - Using the moneyline to wager on the game involves picking the winner straight up (which is why these are sometimes called “straight bets”) without a margin of victory. Instead of handicapping the wager with points like the spread system does, this wager type uses varying payouts to entice action on both sides. A win by the favored team will pay significantly less on a $100 wager than an underdog victory will.

Totals or Over/Under - A fun way to wager on the Super Bowl without picking a winner is to bet on the total points scored between both teams. Essentially, this strategy lets bettors wager on the relative dominance of the teams’ collective offenses or defenses. The over/under can be wagered upon in individual quarters, halves, or in the whole game altogether, and bettors can also place totals bets for an individual team instead of both teams combined. (Typically, this latter over/under bet type will be listed among the game’s myriad prop bets.)

Super Bowl Props - A major draw to the Super Bowl – and where the differences between the various top sportsbooks are most clearly defined – are the proposition wagers. Super Bowl props often attract people who don't regularly bet to come out and make a wager or two on the big game. Prop bets can be based on individual performances, team-based performances, and even on oddball things like the length of the National Anthem, the result of the coin toss, the duration of the halftime show, and even TV commercials! Most sportsbooks and betting shops will have in excess of 100 different, unique prop bets available for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Live Betting - Super Bowl live betting is a new form of online wagering that many sportsbooks have embraced in this connected age. Live betting on the Super Bowl allows bettors to log into their favorite Internet betting shops and place wagers on a range of outcomes, including the results of each play snap-to-snap, whether the next play will be a pass or run, when the next change of possession will occur, and much more. With all the Super Bowl live betting options added into the mix, sportsbooks like Bovada will have literally hundreds of wagers you can make on Super Bowl Sunday.

NFL Postseason Prop Bets

Player Props

NFL postseason prop bets can be found at just about every major online sportsbook. Sites like Bovada provide bettors the opportunity to wager on the results of each play, series, drive, and more. This allows sports bettors to focus less on the game’s outcome and more on the individual plays that make up the game. For example, bets can be placed on which player will score the first touchdown, which team’s QB will throw for more yards/completions/TDs, and even things like which player will lead his team out of the tunnel before kickoff. NFL player prop bets are an extremely popular wager type, and when the postseason finale rolls around, the Super Bowl prop wagers become that much more exciting.

Conference and Divisional Prop Bets

NFL Conference and Divisional prop bets are pretty self-explanatory. These are player and team props that are specific to individual rounds of the NFL Playoffs. Sportsbooks post props on each team in the playoffs, giving patrons of said sportsbooks the option to choose from a ton of different wagers. If you wish to bet on the Divisional round of the playoffs, just check out the prop bets for each and every matchup after Wildcard Weekend has wrapped up. After the Divisional round is complete, you’ll be able to wager on the player and team props for the winning clubs when they get set to play in the AFC and NFC Conference Championships.

Non-Football Super Bowl Bets

Even if you are not interested in betting on the game itself, there are still ways to get in on the action and potentially make some money on the Super Bowl. Football knowledge does not factor much, if at all, for these styles of bets. Betting on the parts of the Super Bowl that make it a worldwide event rather than the game can be an excellent way to stay engaged for every minute, from start to finish.

Types Of Non-Football Super Bowl Bets

Super Bowl Coin Toss

One non-football-based prop bet is simply betting on the coin toss at the beginning of the game. Bets can be made on if it will land on heads or tails, or a bet can be made on which team will win the coin toss. If you don't know who to pick in the game, Bovada also offers a bet that asks if the team that wins the coin toss will win the game.

Super Bowl Commercials

Betting on commercials is also another great non-football option. Commercial betting options are fairly extensive, with head-to-head betting options available (i.e. which brand will have a commercial to play first) or bets on the total number of commercials that have dogs in them.

Super Bowl Halftime Show

The Super Bowl halftime show is advertised as the biggest concert of the year, so you bet that there are bets to be made on it. This year's bets are based on: footballs, NFTs, number of songs, censorship, professional dancers, and even wardrobe malfunctions./p>