2022 Super Bowl Props

Proposition bets make almost any sporting event entertaining, but Super Bowl Props are amongst the best. Because of the enormity of this event, anything and everything that can be bet on usually has odds attached to it; from the coin toss at the beginning of the game, to the Gatorade shower at the end of it, there’s a prop bet for every aspect of the Super Bowl. You’re never limited to just one prop bet either – online sportsbooks allow you to place money on every proposition you want, keeping them all organized on your bet slip. When choosing Super Bowl prop bets, you can pick between game props, team props, or even individual player props. Below, we have outlined some of the more common types of side bets that can be made on the Super Bowl.

What Kind Of Game Props Can Be Made On The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl game props aren’t only affected by a team’s performance, but are also determined by how the game is going. Examples of this type of proposition are things like whether or not the game goes into overtime, what the highest scoring quarter or half will be, the time of the first score, and what the longest TD in a game will be. Time and length props generally come in over/under style, while questions about overtime or whether or not there will be a defensive touchdown in the game are presented in a yes or no style. Betting on Super Bowl Game Props is easy and a great way to make a quick profit. Here are a few examples of Super Bowl props based on the game:

  • The First Score Of The Game - Exact Outcome
  • Score In The First 7m30s Of The 1st Quarter
  • Team to Record Most First Downs
What Are Super Bowl Team Props?

Super Bowl Team props are probably the most popular propositions bettors make. These bets are based on the performance of a specific team, such as if the Patriots will score a touchdown in the first quarter. Team props aren’t always based on “firsts” or “ifs” in the game. Sometimes they can also be totals based. One example is asking the over/under on the total number of field goals made. NFL team prop bets are a great way to wager on the game without having to choose an overall winner. A few examples of Super Bowl props based on team effort are below:

  • Jacksonville Jaguars To Score A TD – 2nd Quarter
  • Total Touchdowns – LA Rams
  • Total QB Sacks By The Philadelphia Eagles
Individual Player Props For The Super Bowl

With so many game and team props, many people forget that there are also Individual player props for the Super Bowl as well. A few examples of these propositions include “Player to score a touchdown anytime”, “1st player to score a touchdown” “Total interceptions by QB”, etc. You can stack as many of these wagers as you’d like on your bet slip, as they are all separate from each other. The great thing about individual prop bets is that they don’t rely on the outcome of the game, they simply depend on the performance of the player you’re betting on. As the Super Bowl draws closer, the player props will become specific to the two teams that are playing. Here are a few general examples:

  • Total Passing Yards - Tom Brady
  • Total Rushing Yards – Le’Veon Bell
  • Total Touchdown Passes – Kirk Cousins
Are There Any Other Props I Can Make On The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is one of the largest televised events in the world. Because of this, there are plenty of proposition bets that are made that have absolutely nothing to do with the game at all. Propositions like which commercial will receive the most views, how many people will tune in to watch the game, and how much money the Super Bowl generates are all examples of generalized Super Bowl proposition bets. You can even wager on how quickly tickets will sell out. Checking out Super Bowl props at your favorite online sports betting site is a great way to figure out which Super Bowl Proposition you want to bet on.

Where Can I Wager On Super Bowl Propositions?

The best place to wager on Super Bowl props is at an online, offshore sportsbook. There are hundreds of sports betting sites available to US residents these days, but the best ones are those we’ve listed below. These sites have the best customer service, high wager limits, and quick payouts. They’re licensed by gaming commissions in their countries and have top of the line security features that ensure that your information is kept safe. Betting on the Super Bowl will be easier than ever before at any of these online sportsbooks.


The Most Super Bowl Props Available

BetOnline SportsbookBetOnline always provides more propositions than any other sports betting site. Not only do they have the most player, team, and game props throughout the playoffs, they also have the widest variety of general Super Bowl props. The lines offered on these props are always released well in advance and provide some of the most generous payouts to players. Not only do you have the best options to choose from, their wager limits are also sky-high. You can request to adjust the limits that are in place, while also placing a wager on the same line as many times as you wish.

Redeeming promos such as their 100% Bitcoin Bonus will give you even more to wager with, just use code BTC2017 to get up to $1000 added to your account. If you want to deposit with a Visa, Mastercard, or other currency, you can use code NEW2500 to get a bonus of 50% up to $2500. US residents looking to bet on the Super Bowl should definitely check out BetOnline.

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The Best Betting Experience For American Players

Bovada SportsbookBovada is the only sports betting site that caters only to US residents, so American bettors looking to wager on the Super Bowl should definitely check it out. Bovada has always had a wide variety of propositions for bettors to choose from, but their betting lines on those Super Bowl props are what really set them apart. They’re more generous and appeal to both casual and experienced bettors alike. Bovada is also willing to provide lines on props that aren’t on their website – all you have to do is contact a customer service representative and they’ll work with you.

In addition to generous lines and excellent customer care, this book is also known for having the speediest payouts. Bitcoin payouts are the fastest, with no fees and funds reaching you in as little as 24 hours. They’ve never missed a single payout in nearly twenty years of operation, and provide the option for a free withdrawal once a month. There’s no beating the service at Bovada Sportsbook.

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Faster Lines And Better Bonuses Than Any Other Sportsbook

SportsBetting.agA large variety of 2020 Super Bowl prop bets to choose from is important, but getting the lines on those props is equally as essential to choosing the right bets to place. SportsBetting.ag is the book for you if you’re looking for the earliest lines. This site has them ready and waiting for you before any other USA sportsbook. To go along with the early lines, they also provide their players with some of the highest wager limits around and even more generous bonuses than any other book.

If you sign up now, you can earn up to $1,000 on your first deposit at SportsBetting using code NEW1000. 25% of every subsequent deposit after that is guaranteed to be matched with code FORLIFE, in addition to several reduced juice offers and free play credits. SportsBetting is one of the most generous sports betting sites available to US residents and is definitely worth your while. Head over there now to check out their Super Bowl props.

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