Philadephia Eagles Super Bowl Betting Odds

Philadelphia EaglesThe odds for the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl are posted on sports betting sites for the whole year. Philadelphia has only one Super Bowl win in their history. They became a team in 1933 and have a great fan following. They are not the worst team in the NFL but are far from the best. They, like all football teams, have their good years and their bad. Sportsbooks take all of this into account when first posting odds. After that, they factor in the season for who will be going to the Super Bowl.

Before there was a Super Bowl, the team won the equivalent NFL championship three times. They also have four conference titles and 13 division titles. The Eagles have no problem advancing after the regular season ends. Their trouble lies in getting to the Super Bowl. If you’re an Eagles fan, be sure to follow the odds as they fluctuate through the season and see how great a shot Philly has at making their hometown proud for a second time in franchise history.

Philadelphia Eagles Odds To Win Super Bowl 54

The Philadelphia Eagles have only won one Super Bowl in their franchise history. Their Super Bowl odds will depend on their current season playing abilities so sports betting sites will be continuously updating these odds. The Eagles do well when it comes to winning their division, but that’s typically as far as they can take it. They usually do not go further than that only have won four conference titles. But they are not the worst team in the NFL so their odds of winning the championship game will not be on the bottom. The odds and projections for the Eagles will continue to be updated by the sports betting sites through the season. This just might be their year to prove fans they can win a second

Current Philadelphia Eagles NFC Conference Odds

The Philadelphia Eagles have won four NFC Conference games making their odds greater than their competition in the NFC. They have won 13 division titles which means that they have made it to the conference game 13 times and have won four of those 13. The Eagles odds will be listed on sports betting sites throughout the season and they will either go up or down depending on how well they perform. Historically, they have what it takes to win the NFC and get themselves to the Super Bowl. All Eagles fans should check on their sportsbooks weekly to see the changes in the odds with the new information that bookies receive weekly based on how the team is playing.

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