Tennessee Titans Super Bowl Betting Odds

Tennessee TitansThe Tennessee Titans Super Bowl betting odds to win in 2020 may not be the best in terms of being successful, though the payout versus risk analysis is somewhat promising for all of those fans that want to place a futures bet on their favorite team. The Titans saw a 2018-2019 season record of 9-7. They placed third in the AFC South for the season, making them second to last in their division.

While Tennessee did not have the best season, they managed to beat the New England Patriots for the first time in 15 seasons in their last showing. The Titans now have former defensive coordinator, Mike Vrabel from the Houston Texans as their head coach. Not only will they be under the direction of a new head coach, they now have three former New England Patriots reuniting on their roster. All of these changes, when combined, have the potential to make for a great season for the Tennessee Titans and their road to the Super Bowl.

Current Tennessee Titans Odds To Win Super Bowl 54

The Tennessee Titans have Super Bowl betting odds of +4500 to win Super Bowl 54. The Titans have been part of the NFL for 60 years running. Tennessee has made it to over 500 in their last season and now with the adding of a new coach and a few key players, they could do even better than last year's standings. Their last playoff appearance was in 2017. The last time they won the AFC division title was in 1999.

Tennessee Titans AFC Conference Odds

The AFC betting odds for the 2019-2020 NFL season are in! The Tennessee Titans have odds of +2000 to win the AFC division title. With some of the best teams in their division, this will be no small feat. They are ranked 8th out of 16 to win the AFC and advance to the Super Bowl. The last time that the Tennessee Titans won in their division was in 1999, making it twenty seasons since their last victory.


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